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Coffee is Our Passion and Our Heritage

Founded in the lush farmlands of Costa Rica more than four decades ago, Distant Lands Coffee provides the world’s finest coffees to its grocery, food service and specialty roaster clients.

Distant Lands is a farmer-first vertically integrated specialty coffee company. Because we grow, mill, source and roast premium Arabica coffees, we have visibility and control at all steps of production from seed to cup. It is this control that enables Distant Lands to deliver consistent quality coffee–always.

Our operating divisions include coffee farms and mills, green coffee trading, multi-national quality control services, single-serve capsule production and roasting plants in Renton, WA and Tyler, TX.

We employ 160 full-time workers in the United States and over 350 in our international operations. This year we will produce and ship over 45 million pounds of specialty coffee.


We Know Great Coffee Because We Grow It

Since 1968, Distant Lands has grown coffee at our flagship farm Hacienda La Minita in Costa Rica. Over the years, our coffee operations have expanded to include farms and mills in both Costa Rica and Colombia.

Vertical Integration Ensures Quality Control and Traceability

Distant Lands provides the best of the world’s specialty coffees to our customers. We do this via a proprietary series of quality control check points from coffee origin to roast locations. Quality inspections continue through delivery of perfectly roasted coffee to our clients. This is the business plan that built our company and remains our strategic vision.

Distant Lands Coffee headquarters is located in Renton, WA. The company is comprised of four operation divisions.

  • Distant Lands Coffee Roasting. Renton, WA and Tyler, TX

  • La Minita. Green Coffee Trading. Burlington, VT

  • Cattica. Coffee farm and mill operations. San Jose, Costa Rica

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